Pleased to meet you!


It started with a boat…

In September of 2016, we visited Coconut Grove to view a sailboat that we were considering to purchase and live aboard. We had just spent two years working on a boat that spent the Summer months working in the Arctic and Winter months recovering and maintaining in Seattle. We worked through blizzards in June and July. We watched lonely icebergs float past the bridge wing as we drifted along in the Arctic Ocean. There were clear sunny days and nights when sun never set, and the temperature was barely above freezing. Despite the most robust cold weather gear we could outfit ourselves with, we often struggled to maintain sensation in our fingers and toes! We began dreaming of a life that would never require leaving the tropics. In our quest to make this change, we stumbled onto a lovely classic Pearson 35 that was listed for sale, moored at Dinner Key Marina. 

As we were winding down 17th to Tigertail on our scenic route toward the marina, something really started to take hold of us. In just moments we had gone from skyscrapers and cement to rolling along under this exquisitely lush, tropical canopy. We wondered if we had missed a turn, because this marina we were navigating to had a Miami address, yet it was clear to us we had ended up in Paradise. Fast forward through an adventurous couple of days, and in the end we did not buy the Pearson. What we did do is spend a couple gorgeous afternoons enjoying cocktails and ceviche in the Grove, and we knew we wanted to return. 

A few months later we did just that, for the sole purpose of making sure that it wasn't just some temporary spell that was cast over us in our vulnerable post-Arctic state of euphoria. Within 15 minutes back in the Grove, we were certain we'd returned to the place we were meant to be. We retired from our careers, sold our two homes in two different states, and returned to Coconut Grove for the duration. Less than a week after we completed our move, Irma made her debut on the radar. We had already met many of our new neighbors, but in the new hurried state of preparation our neighbors came together, usually at Blanche Dog Park, to plan, strategize, share information, and delegate responsibilities. We ultimately became a team bigger than we expected or hoped. Through the experience of the storm and the aftermath, we fell even more in love with our new community and the dedication, capability, and generosity of our fellow residents. 

It has been an adventure getting here, and we have loved each crazy step along the way. We love the Grove, and we know and appreciate each day how very fortunate we are to have stumbled upon such a wonderfully unique, supportive, and welcoming community with so much to offer. Our aim is to give back to the Grove as much as it has given us. Stop in and say hello anytime!

-Wally,  Katherine, Cherry, and Miles