What makes this community so special? Everything! 



The Grove is home to a diverse population of families, artists, entrepreneurs, sailors, nature lovers, and just about every walk of life that can be imagined. Throughout the years, an eclectic mix of cultures have settled here to live, create, work, and play under the shade of the lush tropical canopy, and paddle, sail, surf, and swim in the glistening water of Biscayne Bay. The commonality among us all is the love of the Grove; our beautiful surroundings, intriguing history, and like-minded neighbors that care for their community.

Grovites are by and large friendly, gregarious, and excited about the place they call home. Spend a day in the Grove and you are sure to run into a multitude of enthusiastic characters. There is no way around making a few if not several new acquaintances. A short conversation with someone at the sailing club may lead to an afternoon out Biscayne Bay, and folks you meet at the dog park may soon become very close friends.

Whether it is a jovial neighbor you run into at Regatta Park or a wild peacock wandering along a quiet side street, someone or something is always there to provide a moment to remember that puts a smile on your face. Bike along the waterfront and you will likely encounter an iguana basking in the sun, perhaps even a crocodile sprawled stealthily along the shoreline. From parakeets and peacocks to lizards and manatees, the local wildlife spotted around the Grove and waterfront of the Bay are the neighbors that lend that notable charm which continually reminds us that this is a distinctly special area.

Who else do we count among our top community members? Our pets, of course. As welcoming and hospitable as the Grove is to human visitors, it is every bit as much so to man's best friend. A dog fortunate enough to live life as a Grovedog is a lucky dog indeed. There are several pups around town that are well known enough to qualify as mascots of the Grove. Many local eateries feature doggie menus, and there are water bowls frequently placed on the sidewalks to make sure everyone stays hydrated in the South Florida heat. There are not many places that you can go in the Grove that your pup can't join you, and many local businesses offer complimentary treats to four legged guests.


All kinds of great things are always going on around the Grove. Check out our Calendar Tab for upcoming special events. Here are some of the regular offerings that contribute to this awesome community:

Free Yoga Classes

The Coconut Grove BID, Arbor, and Dharma Yoga Studio happily offers three yoga classes a week that are free to the public. These complementary classes take place at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Peacock Park (2820 McFarlane Rd) and every Saturday at 8am at The Rooftop of the Mayfair Hotel (3000 Florida Ave). 

FAM Night

Between October and April, the Coconut Grove BID organizes special evenings which celebrate Fashion, Art, and Music in the Grove. Local musicians fill the streets with sound, and many local galleries and boutiques participate in special showcases. FAM Nights are from 6pm-9pm, the first Saturday of each month between October and April.

Coconut Grove Organic Market

Each Saturday, Coconut Grove Organic Market is held at 3300 Grand Ave from 10am to 7pm. Local farmers, artisans, and food vendors come together in one convenient location for you to stroll, taste, learn, and shop. 

local NOn-Profit groups

Bike Coconut Grove is a volunteer powered, community-based organization aimed at making Coconut Grove more bicycle (and pedestrian) friendly. Bike Coconut Grove is promotes bicycling as a form of everyday transportation and recreation, and aims to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians on the streets of Coconut Grove. You will also see them at many local festivals and events offering a free and secure bike valet service for attendees.

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center began in 1946 with a group of locals that shared a love of sailing, their environment, and giving back to the community. (CGSCIC) is structured to support and promote the sport of sailing, encouraging sailing at all levels to all ages. With the support of generous individuals and businesses, the CGSCIC is able to serve the community and sustain Coconut Grove's sailing tradition, as well encourage new sailors by providing sailing lessons and instructional opportunities on the waters of Biscayne Bay. 

The Footprints Foundation was formed in an effort to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by providing education and clean birthing kits to places where birthing circumstances and conditions are compromised by the affects of poverty, political struggle, and war, stop female genital mutilation, and put an end to child marriages.  The Foundation organizes training missions for doctors, nurses, midwives, traditional birth attendants, and pregnant mothers. They have visited birthing centers and hospitals in Somaliland, D.R. Congo, and Jamaica in recent years. 

Save the Strays Foundation is Inspired by a love and concern for neglected domestic and farm animals. Save The Strays Foundation provides funding for veterinary care, home placement, and community education on animal welfare. We also provide assistance and financial support to organizations that rescue stray animals.

Shake-A-Leg Miami (SALM) provides children and adults with physical, developmental, and economic challenges an opportunity to experience marine environments lessons, sailing, swimming, kayaking, and other watersports here on Biscayne Bay. SALM was founded by Harry Horgan after an automobile accident rendered him paralyzed at age 22. Harry launched Shake-A-Leg to help himself and others with disabilities maximize their independence. Shake-A-Leg Miami actively works year round in partnerships with a number of agencies on the local, state, and federal scale to serve people with disabilities, disadvantaged families, and the community. 

The Woman's Club of Coconut Grove was founded in 1891 and has remained dedicated to enriching the community through the promotion of public welfare, environmental conservation, education, civic improvement, historic preservation, and the advancement of the arts and culture while fostering good fellowship among its members.