As the oldest settlement of Miami, the Grove has a unique story all its own. 

Tequesta territory

Before Juan Ponce de Leon named and claimed La Florida, the area of Coconut Grove was inhabited by the Tequesta Tribe. The Tequestas occupied the Southeast Coast of Florida, from roughly as far north as Palm Beach County and extending down the coast to the Florida Keys, and inland to The Everglades. Even though the territory inhabited by the Tequestas was quite vast, the tribe was fairly small in population. For approximately 2,000 years the Tequesta Tribe relied on Biscayne Bay and the Miami River for fish and seafood, while they hunted deer, wild boar, bear, and small mammals throughout the lands extending to the everglades.

It is believed that the Miami Circle located nearby in Brickell was the site of a structure built by the Tequesta tribe, and possibly the location of their capital. 

early settlement




historic sites

Miami Circle

The Barnacle Historic State park 

Coconut Grove Playhouse


Fairchild Tropical Garden


Marjory Stoneman Douglas Home

Woman's Club of Coconut Grove